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Michigan Defense Quarterly: Meet the MDTC Leaders

A key component of MDTC’s mission is facilitating the exchange of views, knowledge, and insight that our members have obtained through their experiences. That doesn’t happen without interaction. And interaction doesn’t typically happen until you’ve been introduced. So, in this section, we invite you to meet the new (and, possibly, some not-so-new) MDTC leaders who have volunteered their time to advance MDTC’s mission.

Barbara Hunyady

MEET: Barbara Hunyady Flint Regional Chair

MDTC Member since 2006

Cooley Law School – 10 years of experience

Law Firm: Cline, Cline & Griffin, Associate

Q: Why did you become involved in MDTC?

A: Initially to impress one of the partners who is a founding member, but after joining I wanted to continue attending the conferences and meeting more defense attorneys.

Q: What inspired you to become an MDTC Leader?

A: I know all organizations need people to lend their time so they can grow and stay strong. When I was told there was an opening for the Flint area chair, I wanted to do my part.

Q: How would you describe your leadership style?

A: I see myself as a visionary and motivator. I like to keep an eye out for improvements, question “this is how we have always done it,” and am not afraid to get my hands dirty to get things done.

Q: How has your MDTC involvement enhanced your personal/ professional life?

A: It has given me access to defense oriented seminars and given me connections to colleagues that I otherwise would not have had.

Q: Why would you encourage other MDTC members to seek leadership roles?

A: As compared to other leadership roles I have had with other groups, MDTC is not as overwhelming and Madelyne is always very helpful. The board was forthcoming about expectations and time commitment, so you will know what you are signing up for. As a bonus, you contribute to the growth of a great organization.

Q: Are you involved in other organizations or activities?

A: I am active in my local bar association, my hometown FFA (Future Farmers of America) organization for high school students, and church. In my spare time, I wrench with my husband on our racecar which he drives at dirt oval tracks primarily in Michigan and occasionally in Iowa, New York, and Wisconsin. Additionally, I am slated to be on the board for the YWCA of Flint.

Q: If you weren’t a legal professional, what type of career would you choose?

A: I would be a crop farmer and agriculture advocate.

Q: What advice do you have to new MDTC members? To new attorneys?

A: Use your resources and seek out advice when you need it. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge in our bar. I have never had any attorney refuse to offer me advice when I have asked. Being professional and courteous has opened a lot of doors and given me advantages that have in turn benefitted my clients.

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